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Appartment Linux server for home automati

Appartment Linux server for home automation

The brain of the automation of the apartment is the mini- Linux server in the electrical panel . It is connected to all control systems ( shutters , lighting ) as well as information sources (electric under-counter , water and gas meter, temperature sensor, presence detector or intrusion) . Display and controls: directly on the LCD screen mini server or on an Android tablet or PC. If possible the mini server is connected via its RJ- 45 Ethernet router to the apartment or the building to connect to the tablet or PC via the network or Internet Intranet.electrician Our solutions are essentially connected via wired connection through installations for new construction or rehabilitation that are both more reliable , cheaper and directly supplied without batteries , but a radio extension housing allows the use of radio sensors . Shortly options “energy harvesting ” will of radio links without batteries using the energy from the environment flows. We also develop a CO2 sensor with alert threshold crossing to warn the resident in case of risk to the quality of the air he breathes . This point has become important with the new thermal insulation regulations related efforts. For home support for our remote central elderly GSM allows audio communication ” free hand ” even in case of power failure with loved ones. The emergency call is activated as not waterproof locket by “lack of presence ” to the usual time slots in different rooms in the house ( bedroom at night , morning bathroom , kitchen and living room in the day) .


Mini server connected to the common areas (counters, circuits of various order). IP cameras and video intercom and SIP access control Vigik connect to the Ethernet network of the building to be completed by the cable pulling the common parts to each unit (CAT5 or 6). Overview

 Against the block below (click to enlarge) provides an overview of the elements in a building and an apartment with their connection:
synoptic of installation
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