New temperature sensor for calorimeters

The new temperature sensor Oyoma is designed to give an accuracy of 20/10 of a degree Celsius with a data transmission on two wires every half second.

These characteristics was necessary for accurate calculation of heat exchanges related to the heat transfer fluid by heating and, in particular when it is desired to know the individual consumption of apartments under the collective housing boiler.

The principle consists in measuring the effect of losses calories by measuring the amount of fluid used multiplied by the temperature difference between the beginning and the end of the heating circuit.

For this, we have a flow-meter device including also a temperature sensor with a PT1000 sensor installed eg at the start of the heating circuit of the apartment and connected to the Mini server Oyoma.


At the end of the circuit, so we must also measure the temperature by adjusting the PT1000 on the heating pipe with tape.

The mini-server then calculates the flow every few seconds and add the value obtained by the value Δ Temperature and the multiplier to obtain a value in kWh that  is added to the index of consumption of the circuit.