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Calculator for estimating the amount of energy required to heat a volume of water

The value is calculated based on coefficients of mass and enthalpy of the water density in medium constant values ​​regardless of the temperatures which approximates to about 5%.

The values ​​indicated are common default values. The price per kWh is a typical value for electrical energy.



This is the principle of calculation used in the calorimeters taking as a basis the rate of fluid flowing in the pipe, for example in liters per minute, multiplied by the temperature difference between the inlet of the heating circuit and the output circuit heating. The obtained value is then multiplied by the value of the energy needed to increase the water of 1 liter of degree Celsius.

If you have a hot water meter connected to our Linux server mini apartment (pulse output) and you know the inlet cold water inlet temperature and hot water, you can estimate consumption and cost based on the price per kWh of your heating system.

For precise calculations must connect our temperature sensors input and output circuit and associate the meter and the sensors in the server software.

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